Monday begins

Dum dum di di dum

The alarm awakens me from my slumber

The snooze button is calling my name

I gladly answer

The cycle repeats itself for 2 more phases

I finally raise my head and notice it’s 7am already

I fling the duvet off my body

I feel the sharpness of the cold morning

I shudder but quickly acclimatise

My feet touch the carpet

It feels fuzzy it welcomes each step I take

The sun is hiding behind the clouds as though it were its duvet

I stumble down the dimly lit stairs and head for my toothbrush

This is it

Monday morning begins


Who’s there

The sun beamed through my window

The rays blinding me when I looked up

I notice a shadow growing on the desk in front of me

I wonder to myself ‘what could it be’

In this brief second I feel a touch

It’s rough and chilling

I turn around in a flash

But there’s no one there

I look up and there’s nothing there

I look at my shoulder and I notice a mark

It was a chalky dust

But what could’ve made such a mark?

My mind is throwing up tens of questions

Trying to find some sort of rationale

But nothing

Nothing can explain what happened

It lingers on my mind

What touched me…..


You look at me and see no scars

My scars are not physical but deep inside of me

These scars have been created psychologically

They run deep

Penetrating each nerve of my being

Each tells their own story

Of words that have slowly over time destroyed me

They don’t heal like physical wounds

They stay open waiting for the smallest breach

You’re Nice

‘You’re nice’

I hear these 2 words and my heart crumbles

My happiness instantly becomes sadness

I feel lonely

I question my being

I think to myself why

Why do these words inflict so much pain

How can I be in such pain but show no scars

What did I do to deserve this loneliness

Words of comfort are offered

I see the movement of their lips

But hear nothing but silence