I lie here looking up at the clear blue sky
I hear the familiar sounds of cars driving by
I turn over and look to the ground and notice the bustling of life
I see ants scurrying across in packs carrying crumbs
It amazes me how such small creatures can carry such large quantities
My attention switches again as I notice the reflection of the sun bouncing off the each individual blade of grass
All around me there is such life
Each functioning in harmony and discord at the same time


Knock knock
Knock knock
Knock knock
The constant noise rouses me from my slumber
I’m dazed
Who could this be
At this hour
What time is it
I lift my head and stare at the clock
The clock says 2
Is that am or pm
I stare at the window hoping the light or darkness would answer my question
As I stare the moonlight streams into the room
I stumble out of bed and make my way towards the sound

Midsummers Night

Twas a warm midsummers night

The owls were tweet too-wooing away

The trees rustled as they were caressed by a delicate breeze

The moon shone as though it were pursuing wondering strangers home

All this while a single leaf lay lying lifelessly on the deserted ground

Strange how life is all around and yet this lay alone and motionless


I look at you in envy
I see all that you have and wonder what my life would be like if I were you
I should be grateful
I have my sight, my mobility and shelter
But still I wonder
That person I look at in envy will themselves be looking at someone else with envy
That someone could be me
Maybe they see happiness in my life which they crave
Maybe they see a family which they desire
Our reasons for envy may differ but in the end
We are all lost in a circle of envy and wonder

Mind vs Body

The clock strikes midnight
My mind is racing at 1000mph
The engine is chugging with the same beat
Worry worry worry
I lie in bed and think to myself
What does my future holds
Has it already been written
Or is it a blank page waiting to be filled
The thoughts are now jumping from subject to subject
As time ticks on the thoughts become more random
My body it screams to my mind ‘Why won’t you let me rest’
It yearns for rest
Yet my mind craves activity
The battle between mind and body ensues
Each determined to have control
Zzz that is the sound of victory
It is a hollow victory for the body
As the battle will resume the next night