The Commute

I look up

She looks to the side

He looks at the floor

Oops there’s an awkward meeting of eyes

This is the daily life of an underground traveller

Socially inept

Not knowing where to look or how to act.

It often brings out the worst in people.

Often the tired mutterings of displeasure during the morning or evening commute.

There are the rarest glimpse of human nature.

The kind soul offering their seat to someone more needy

Another asking for others to sacrifice their comforts.

To create space to allow everyone to go home.

Because that’s the thing, no one wants to be stuck waiting.

Everyone has the same goal.

Monday begins

Dum dum di di dum

The alarm awakens me from my slumber

The snooze button is calling my name

I gladly answer

The cycle repeats itself for 2 more phases

I finally raise my head and notice it’s 7am already

I fling the duvet off my body

I feel the sharpness of the cold morning

I shudder but quickly acclimatise

My feet touch the carpet

It feels fuzzy it welcomes each step I take

The sun is hiding behind the clouds as though it were its duvet

I stumble down the dimly lit stairs and head for my toothbrush

This is it

Monday morning begins