I’m sat opposite you

I see you hair glisten

It sat perfectly on your shoulder 

A breeze passes by

It whispers your name to me

Yet who is this person I see

Their face is a blur

I try to focus 

But alas it is no good

I’m left with the bittersweet memory that I will see you soon

Our meeting has been written but it’s not today


You look from the outside and see me smiling

This is what I choose to show 
Deep down I’m empty 

I’m tired

I’m alone 

But again I smile 

My smile is a sign of tears

Of unhappiness 

Of fakeness 

But again I smile 

Because I want to deceive you 

Next time you see me look at my eyes

And you’ll see the truth 


I run from the haunting memories
I promise myself never again
To move forward
Stop the regrets that trigger the pain
Take risks that help create fonder memories
But still I’m dragged back
I promise myself that I will use the past to make my future better


I lie here looking up at the clear blue sky
I hear the familiar sounds of cars driving by
I turn over and look to the ground and notice the bustling of life
I see ants scurrying across in packs carrying crumbs
It amazes me how such small creatures can carry such large quantities
My attention switches again as I notice the reflection of the sun bouncing off the each individual blade of grass
All around me there is such life
Each functioning in harmony and discord at the same time


Knock knock
Knock knock
Knock knock
The constant noise rouses me from my slumber
I’m dazed
Who could this be
At this hour
What time is it
I lift my head and stare at the clock
The clock says 2
Is that am or pm
I stare at the window hoping the light or darkness would answer my question
As I stare the moonlight streams into the room
I stumble out of bed and make my way towards the sound