Dangers of social media

In my opinion this is a new danger that has developed as technology advances and it is not getting the attention it warrants. People are getting more attached to these apps and are uploading private information about themselves on the apps. They are seeking approval from outsiders and are getting upset if they don’t get a certain amount of likes or receive negative comments about their looks or style.

There are so called ‘Keyboard warriors’ who go around bullying people from behind the safety of their screens thinking there won’t be repercussions for hurtful comments. So far this is true, as who can police the world of the internet.

The age of which people are setting up social media accounts are getting lower and lower. We hear on the news about tragedies of how children are being bullied in their own rooms and driving them to suicide. We hear how people are grooming children for their own sick desires. How can we stop this? We can’t that is the answer. We can prevent these things from happening but as in reality with murders, stealing, fraud there is no solution that can stop it from happening. We need the social media companies to take more responsibility in preventing this. Setting up measures for reporting and banning of abuse. They need to be more proactive and take ownership when their fail safes have not worked in protecting people.



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