Well, where do I start. Firstly I’d like to apologise my grammar isn’t going to be the best.

Here goes…

All things in life have a starting point and I guess this blog is mine. I’ve never really had a place where I could voice my real opinions. I’ve tried various social media sites like Twitter, Whisper, Facebook, Instagram. But all these have people who I know. The only exception being Whisper. This site however has its pitfalls of guys just latching onto every post (Even if you are a dude posting). That’s enough about social media.

Anyway back to the title beginnings. Beginnings can happen at many times in a person’s life from being born to re-discovering our love of art/crafts/hobbies. Everytime we do begin, we begin with a clean slate. The clean slate allows our mind to be free and able to wonder unreservedly. This creates an atmosphere where we can develop new concepts outside the norm.

So don’t be scared to start again because sometimes it might be the making of you.

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